Sexuality and Relationships

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Independence from the Sexual Revolution

By Dana Densmore (As published in Radical Feminism, Anne Koedt, Ellen Levine, Anita Rapone, eds. [Quadrangle, 1973]) Dana Densmore has been active in the women’’s movement in Boston since June, 1968. She helped start  A[...]

In Among the Market Forces?

by Gillian Hanscombe In An Intimate Wilderness: Lesbian Writers on Sexuality Judith Barrington, Ed. (The Eighth Mountain Press, 1991), pp. 216-220. It’s passion, not mere sex, that is the sure foundation of lesbian identity. And[...]

Look On the Bright Side

by Anna Livia In Unleashing Feminism: Critiquing Lesbian Sadomasochism in the Gay Nineties edited by Irene Reti I arrived in California in August 1990 and everyone I knew had just left for the Michigan Womyn’s[...]

Interindependence: A New Concept in Relationships

by Dianne Post In Lesbian Ethics, Vol 4 No 1, Spring 1990 I saw a woman sleeping. In her sleep, she dreamt life stood before her and held in each hand a gift: in the[...]

What's Up With Lesbian Marriage: Romanticism, Lesbian Love, and Radical Possibilities

By Tamara Gorin In Rain and Thunder Summer Solstice 2002 There is a beginning story of a moment that changes a life forever. A girl-child decides she wants something better. Something that radiates happiness not[...]

Hot Hypothalami

by Pinko Lesbo In Rain and Thunder (Summer Solstice 2000) The other day at work a straight woman acquaintance was talking about her gay nephew, probably to impress me with how liberal she is. “His[...]