Radical Feminism: The Book

Radical Feminism, edited by Anne Koedt, Ellen Levine, Anita Rapone, © 1973

Radical Feminism Full Cover

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Front Matter
Preface vii-viii

I. Liberating History

The First Feminists Judith Hole and Ellen Levine 3-16
The Trial of Susan B. Anthony 17-19

II. Women’s Experience

Woman and Her Mind: The Story of Everyday Life Meredith Tax 23-35
Getting Angry Susi Kaplow 36-41
Woman in the Middle Florence Rush 42-49
The Bitch Manifesto (HTML) Joreen 50-59
Why I Want a Wife Judy Syfers 60-62
Men and Violence WBAI Consciousness Raising 63-71
Speaking Out on Prostitution Susan Brownmiller 72-77
Man-Hating Pamela Kearon 78-80
Black Feminism Cellestine Ware 81-84
Loving Another Woman Interview 85-93
A Feminist Look at Children’s Books Feminists on Children’s Media 94-106
Independence From the Sexual Revolution (HTML) Dana Densmore 107-118
Feminist Graffiti Ellen Levine 119-125

III. Theory and Analysis

The Building of the Gilded Cage (HTML) Jo Freeman 127-150
Abortion Law Repeal (sort of): a Warning to Women Lucinda Cisler 151-164
Jane Crow and the Law Pauli Murray and Mary Eastwood 165-177
Psychology Constructs the Female Naomi Weisstein 178-197
The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm Anne Koedt 198-207
Housework: Slavery or Labor of Love Betsy Warrior 208-212
Marriage Sheila Cronan 213-221
ADC: Marriage to the State André Leo 222-227
Rape: An Act of Terror Barbara Mehrhof and Pamela Kearon 228-233
Radical Feminism 1 Bonnie Kreps 234-239
The Woman Identified Woman Radicalesbians 240-245
Lesbianism and Feminism Anne Koedt 246-258
The Spiritual Dimension of Women’s Liberation Mary Daly 259-269

IV. Building a Movement

Free Space Pamela Allen 271-279
Consciousness Raising 280-281
Consciousness Raising: A Dead End? Carol Williams Payne 282-284
The Tyranny of Structurelessness (HTML) Joreen 285-299
Editorial: Notes From the Third Year   300-301
Congress to Unite Women: A Report From the New York November, 1969 Meeting 302-317
Women and the Radical Movement Anne Koedt 318-321
The Fourth World Manifesto Barbara Burris 322-357
The Selling of a Feminist Claudia Dreifus 358-364
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  • 384-389

V. The Arts

Women Writers and the Female Experience Elaine Showalter 391-406
The Body is the Role: Sylvia Plath Anita Rapone 407-412
Women’s Private Writings: Anaïs Nin Ann Snitow 413-418
A Woman’s Place is in the Oven Sherry Sonnett Trumbo 419-424