Against Marriage

By Sharon Rose From Bisexual Horizons: Politics Histories Lives edited by Sharon Rose, Cris Stevens et al. (London, Lawrence & Wishart), 1996, pp. 119-121 For three years after joining the Women’s Liberation Movement and calling[…]

The Mystery of Lesbians: III

By Julia Penelope From Lesbian Ethics Vol 1. No 3, 1985 The Context of Choice Liberal feminists have made the word choice so attractive, as though all wimmin were capable of acting as autonomous, self-determining[…]

White Woman Feminist

By Marilyn Frye From Willful Virgin: Essays in Feminism (The Crossing Press 1992) Introduction This essay is the latest version of something I have been rewriting ever since my essay “On Being White” was published[…]

Who Wants a Piece of the Pie?

By Marilyn Frye From Willful Virgin: Essays in Feminism (1992, The Crossing Press)(1) 1976 For feminists, the permanent moral problem of how to live becomes the problem of how to live in accord with feminist[…]

Bodylove – Full Book

Bodylove: Learning to Like Our Looks and Ourselves by Rita Freedman, Ph.D., © 1988 Click for PDF Pages Front Matter Chapter One: From Body Loathing to Bodylove 1 – 16 Chapter Two: Minding Your Body[…]


By Vivienne Louise In For Lesbians Only, Onlywoman Press, 1988 Upon commencement of writing a piece on lesbian separatism I was overwhelmed by numerous themes dancing soberly in my head. The all cleansing rage pulsing[…]

Hot Hypothalami

by Pinko Lesbo In Rain and Thunder (Summer Solstice 2000) The other day at work a straight woman acquaintance was talking about her gay nephew, probably to impress me with how liberal she is. “His[…]

How We Decide

By Terri Fredlund In Sinister Wisdom #48 Winter 1992/93 In order to effectively oppose oppression, we need to know which of our actions are resistance, which serve to strengthen ourselves internally, and which are symptoms[…]