Sex, Lies and Feminism

by Charlotte Croson From off our backs June 2001, Vol 31, Iss 6 This essay grew out of the politics of a specific place and time: the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival over the last 8[…]

FTM Transsexualism and Grief

By Sheila Jeffreys In Rain and Thunder Summer Solstice 2002 In “Pornography and Grief” Andrea Dworkin writes very powerfully about the impact upon her of having to look at so much pornography in order to[…]

No Mercenary Warrior

Bridget Collins In Lesbian Ethics Vol. 4, No.2, Spring 1991) I am not a mercenary warrior. As a woman born to poverty, my first loyalty is to other women of poverty. It is often difficult[…]

In Among the Market Forces?

by Gillian Hanscombe In An Intimate Wilderness: Lesbian Writers on Sexuality Judith Barrington, Ed. (The Eighth Mountain Press, 1991), pp. 216-220. It’s passion, not mere sex, that is the sure foundation of lesbian identity. And[…]

Identity Politics and Ideology

by Elliott batTzedek This article is excerpted from a much longer essay analyzing the role of Identity Politics in Feminist and Lesbian communities. I wrote this work as part of my MS in Women’s Studies,[…]