Take Back the Night

  Take Back the Night: Women on Pornography edited by Laura Lederer (William Morrow and Company, 1980) Selected Chapters – Click for PDF Author An Open Letter (HTML) Marge Piercy Lesbianism and Erotica in Pornographic[…]

The Fat Illusion

By Vivian F. Mayer From Shadow On a Tightrope: Writings by Women on Fat Oppression (eds Schoenfelder, Weiser; Spinsters/Aunt Lute, 1983) If you have any doubts, a random handful of women’s magazines from any grocery[…]

The Mystery of Lesbians: III

By Julia Penelope From Lesbian Ethics Vol 1. No 3, 1985 The Context of Choice Liberal feminists have made the word choice so attractive, as though all wimmin were capable of acting as autonomous, self-determining[…]

Who Wants a Piece of the Pie?

By Marilyn Frye From Willful Virgin: Essays in Feminism (1992, The Crossing Press)(1) 1976 For feminists, the permanent moral problem of how to live becomes the problem of how to live in accord with feminist[…]

Feminismo Primero/Feminism First

Feminismo Primero/Feminism First: un ensayo sobre separatismo lesbiano/an essay on lesbian separatism by Katharine Hess, Jean Langford, and Kathy Ross; translated by Helen Weber & Fabiola Rodriguez. © 1981   Click to view Pages Feminismo[…]

Radical Feminism: The Book

Radical Feminism, edited by Anne Koedt, Ellen Levine, Anita Rapone, © 1973 Article Title (Click for PDF) Author(s) Pages Front Matter Preface vii-viii I. Liberating History The First Feminists Judith Hole and Ellen Levine 3-16[…]

How We Decide

By Terri Fredlund In Sinister Wisdom #48 Winter 1992/93 In order to effectively oppose oppression, we need to know which of our actions are resistance, which serve to strengthen ourselves internally, and which are symptoms[…]

Identity Politics and Ideology

by Elliott batTzedek This article is excerpted from a much longer essay analyzing the role of Identity Politics in Feminist and Lesbian communities. I wrote this work as part of my MS in Women’s Studies,[…]