The Mystery of Lesbians: III

By Julia Penelope From Lesbian Ethics Vol 1. No 3, 1985 The Context of Choice Liberal feminists have made the word choice so attractive, as though all wimmin were capable of acting as autonomous, self-determining[…]

Feminismo Primero/Feminism First

Feminismo Primero/Feminism First: un ensayo sobre separatismo lesbiano/an essay on lesbian separatism by Katharine Hess, Jean Langford, and Kathy Ross; translated by Helen Weber & Fabiola Rodriguez. © 1981   Click to view Pages Feminismo[…]


By Vivienne Louise In For Lesbians Only, Onlywoman Press, 1988 Upon commencement of writing a piece on lesbian separatism I was overwhelmed by numerous themes dancing soberly in my head. The all cleansing rage pulsing[…]

A Black Separatist

By Anna Lee In For Lesbians Only, edited by Sarah Lucia Hoagland and Julia Penelope, Onlywomen Press, 1988 I often read the words `feminist,’ ‘womon,’ etc. used to designate white only. In this paper, I’ve[…]

Separatism is Not a Luxury

By C. Maria In Lesbian Ethics Vol 4 No 1 Spring 1990 Julia Penelope, in “The Mystery of Lesbians,” asks, “HOW, in spite of derision, incarceration, violence, and poverty, do we find the courage TO[…]