The Fat Illusion

By Vivian F. Mayer From Shadow On a Tightrope: Writings by Women on Fat Oppression (eds Schoenfelder, Weiser; Spinsters/Aunt Lute, 1983) If you have any doubts, a random handful of women’s magazines from any grocery[…]

Bodylove – Full Book

Bodylove: Learning to Like Our Looks and Ourselves by Rita Freedman, Ph.D., © 1988 Click for PDF Pages Front Matter Chapter One: From Body Loathing to Bodylove 1 – 16 Chapter Two: Minding Your Body[…]

FTM Transsexualism and Grief

By Sheila Jeffreys In Rain and Thunder Summer Solstice 2002 In “Pornography and Grief” Andrea Dworkin writes very powerfully about the impact upon her of having to look at so much pornography in order to[…]