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Feminist Reprise is a site dedicated to the preservation and circulation of fundamental theoretical writing on radical feminism, and to the support of individuals, groups and organizations worldwide who fight for the human rights of female people.

In achieving this mission we recognize that:

  • Female people have the same inalienable rights to life, liberty, and security of person, bodily integrity, freedom from violence and arbitrary interference, freedom of movement and association, and basic dignity and respect that male people have.
  • Powerful people and structures enforce and reward female acceptance of subjugation. Therefore, some females embrace and advocate social conformity, and all females make choices about how to survive in their particular environment. These facts need not invalidate our understanding of the power dynamic in which males as a class extract resources (economic, emotional, social, physical, sexual, and reproductive) from females as a class.
  • In the first quarter of the twenty-first century, in some areas and situations, much progress has been made in securing the human rights of female people; as such, many female people enjoy significant autonomy and participation in their societies. We can appreciate, enjoy and celebrate this progress while continuing to fight for the rights of female people who continue to struggle in varying conditions of slavery.

Feminist Reprise was founded in 2005 and was active until 2011.  After a nearly five-year hiatus, the site is being revived in 2016, in solidarity with feminist activists whose ideas and opinions are being suppressed by actors all along the political spectrum.  The site has been technologically updated to support the most recent information architecture and discovery.  The existing collection is being pruned and will be augmented with new materials, and a new blog will feature selected posts from the original blog (2004-2009) as well as new material by various authors.

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