Bears repeating

…people can exert a level of control over their weights long-term within a 10- to perhaps, 15-pound range. Many people spend their lives losing and regaining the same dozen or two pounds, believing with each new diet that this one will be different. Naturally thinner people also believe that since they can lose 10-15 pounds fairly easily, that a fat person can just step and repeat that ten times, but it doesn’t work that way. A naturally fat person’s set point kicks in exactly like a thinner person’s…Consistently, even with the most restrictive, rigidly-followed diets among the most motivated people, weight is lost for about 6 months and then regained. As the FTC’s expert panel and every expert review of the evidence has concluded, weight regain is the rule and virtually everyone regains all of their weight by 5 years. It is well acknowledged among obesity researchers that no dietary and exercise intervention has been shown to work long-term in virtually anyone…

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Originally published on FR on 7/26/2008


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