Renaming the problem

…Pregnancy is virtually impossible without, as it were, male input. To have any credibility, therefore, abortion opponents must deal with the primary cause of unwanted pregnancy — uncontrolled male fertility. One and a half million abortions per year in the United States testify to a million and a half occasions when men chose intercourse without contraception. Had they prevented conception, there would have been no need for abortion. It should be obvious, therefore, that men who say they have a problem with abortion should address it realistically by working for regulatory legislation to curb men’s fertility…

As for pro-choice activists, it is time to stop defending abortion and start attacking the outright misogyny that made it a debatable issue in the first place. If activists prefer to continue treating this human need as a shaky “right” always on the brink of extinction, they reveal themselves as part of the problem, not the solution.

Any law treating abortion differently from other medical procedures is sex discrimination.

From “Stop Abortion? Fix Men!” by Twiss Butler, in Rain and Thunder (Spring Equinox 2008)


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