Julia Penelope on the Women’s Liberation Movement

What many now call the WLM is indistinguishable from socialism, environmentalism, and a diluted, ineffectual brand of liberalism that occasionally affirms a “concern” about racism, anti-Semitism, and imperialism. If I’d wanted to concentrate my energies on issues that affect non-women, I’d’ve signed up long before the second wave crashed onto the shores of my consciousness. I didn’t need feminism to alert me to the dangers of anti-Semitism, nuclear war, or racial bigotry then, and I don’t look to feminism to do that for me now…

The WLM, once so hopeful and energetic, and even irreverent, has been successfully subverted from within as well as without. We cannot continue to put other issues and causes ahead of our own. Surely there are men capable of doing something worthwhile who don’t require constant monitoring!

Julia Penelope, “The Mystery of Lesbians III”


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