LDO: Not much to report

Remember the shower floor?


Well, K and I finished the project on Saturday, and here’s the lovely floor that’s now installed:


Wouldn’t you so much rather take a shower there now that you won’t have to stand in a sea of red mud or on a creaky pallet that threatens to break your ankle or flip you ass over teakettle without warning?

Otherwise, it was a fairly quiet weekend. We had a potluck and meeting on Friday, and Saturday morning R showed K and me how to put up the pop-up camper for the weekend gathering coming up in two weeks. There will be about ten women there plus members and me, for hiking, potluck-ing, and other fun and games. Could be fun!

In other news, our visitor JB decided to leave after a week. I didn’t talk to her directly about it, but apparently there were some aspects of the landdyke experience she wasn’t prepared for. Over the three years I’ve been visiting here, I’ve seen a few visitors come and go, but she was the first one since I’ve had a real investment in the community, and so I share the disappointment most of the members feel. I understand better the lack of interest other members sometimes show in new people; in a way it makes sense not to invest too much time and energy in someone who could decide to walk away in a day or two. It makes sense to hold back, reserve judgment, and measure somebody by what she does rather than by what she says. I’m trying to resist this, because understandable as it is it makes a community less welcoming–but I bet it will be hard to stay open, interested and enthusiastic to newcomers after a few rounds of watching women come and go.

So I leave you to contemplate the realities of disappointment, limitations, c’est la vie, que será, será, and life is still beautiful despite its shortcomings, with this photo of datura blooming in my courtyard the other morning:datura2


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