Wickedary Word Today #1

block-4-may-2016This is from Websters’ First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language conjured by Mary Daly in cahoots with Jane Caputi. Mary Daly’s one of those feminists everyone loves to hate, even lots of feminists, but I think her work is really important because it helps us really reflect on the words we use, take them apart, explore what we think they mean and, often, the layers of meaning that exist within them that we’ve all but forgotten about.

Not only that, reading Daly was the first time I understood taking in information with the nondominant side of my brain. When I started reading Pure Lust for the first time, I’d read sentences over and over because I just didn’t understand them. Then it occurred to me to try to read it like a poem, just read it, and see if I had a sense of the meaning when I was finished, and lo and behold, I did! It was kind of like swallowing without chewing first, but less painful and with no resultant stomachache. Amazing.


chum n [“archaic: ROOMMATE…an habitual intimate companion; a close friend”–Webster’s ]: This definition has been awarded Websters’ Intergalactic Seal of Approval. Canny Comment :

My mother always told me I would never get married because I liked being with my chums too much.
–Dorothy Balmer, a Crone living in Newton, Mass.

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