Heterosexism on 20/20

block-2-may-2016Well it was just a festival of homo-hating on ABC’s 20/20 last night. If you blinked, you mighta missed it though, so let me explain.

One of the featured stories was that of the 35-year-old Mormon-raised Alaskan identical twins, Liana and Juanita. Juanita is now Juan. Juan supposedly “knew” since age three that “he” was a boy. Unfortunately, 20/20 interviewer Elizabeth Vargas fails to ask Juan the really interesting questions: What do you mean when you say you “knew” you were a boy? Could your belief in your “inner maleness” have anything to do with the rigid sex/gender roles in your traditional Mormon family and community–i.e., “women” were like your mom, married with six kids? Could it have been that there was no way to be a girl and like sports, want to play football, and be disinterested in clothes and makeup? Is it at all telling that your identical twin sister is now a Mormon mom of eight kids? If those life choices didn’t seem all that appealing to you, doesn’t it seem reasonable that in the face of them you might have concluded you really should have been a boy?

Later in Vargas’ narration of Juan’s story, she says that Juanita grew up “having the natural feelings of a boy”–i.e., being attracted to other girls. You’ll have to excuse me, because I always thought that the natural feelings of a young woman who loves other young women was the baseline definition of lesbianism. But apparently not–transgender discourse has so gripped the media in this country that a girl child who doesn’t conform to the Barbie stereotype and whose romantic and/or sexual inclinations are for other girls, is told in every possible way that she must therefore be a boy. Lots of lesbians before Juanita certainly drew that conclusion–luckily they discovered lesbian community and realized they didn’t have to be a boy to love a girl.

Another question I’d’ve liked to hear Vargas ask Juan: Did the likely vilification of lesbians in your strict religious community, and the persecution you experienced as a nonconforming young woman, have anything to do with your conviction that you’re NOT a lesbian? How about the fact that you tried to kill yourself twice as a teenager–in a country where gay and lesbian teens are two to three times more likely than heterosexual teenagers to commit suicide? Sounds a lot like the story of Teena Brandon as explored by Carolyn Gage–the medical profession, to whom young Juanita was remitted after her suicide attempt, was very content to diagnose her, as they did Teena Brandon, with “gender dysphoria,” rather than reassuring her that it is possible to lead a happy, healthy life as a lesbian.

Gee, those few years in the 1980s when we convinced the psychiatrists gay people aren’t sick were a nice little break, weren’t they? Glad we didn’t get used to it, though, because where before they used to give us electric shock treatments to try to make us love who we were supposed to love, now they’ll just diagnose GID and convince us we really want to be the opposite sex. Now apparently we’re allowed to love who we want to love, just not in the bodies we have. Instead, lesbians are supposed to become conveniently dependent on the medical profession for oophorectomy and hysterectomy, breast reduction/removal, the surgical creation of a flaccid penis from a flap of thigh tissue, various other cosmetic surgeries to help us “pass,” and our daily dose of testosterone to maintain facial/body hair, body fat distribution, and lowered voices–not to mention damaging our livers and shortening our lives in the process. This is lesbian hating at its finest. Transgender ideology supports heterosexism–boys love girls, and girls love boys, and never the two shall meet–and completely masks the male power and privilege that makes the socially acceptable behaviors for men seem so much more appealing to smart, spirited young women. As such, transgenderism is diametrically opposed to the liberation of women and lesbians.

And stay tuned–it seems 20/20 thinks the story of the thugs who beat Matthew Shepard to death is worth hearing. I can hardly wait for next Friday.


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